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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Holiday rituals

When I go on vacay I have a host of rituals. Buying a new molskine. Overpacking. And my favourite: sitting in Wellington airport's koruclub blogging.

This vacation might be the best yet. And it involves the longest long haul ever. Thirty five hours or something. I struggle to do the math. But I take great comfort in two things: the first is the flight control iPhone app. The second is my travel wallet.

If only I had this wallet when I went to visit al in Westport. If I had then maybe I wouldn't have missed my plane by three hours and been forced to pay $350 for a twenty five minute flight the next day.

Also, if you follow me on Twitter (and you should cos I'm hilarious in 140 characters or less on a regular basis) you will already know about how I have a third reason to be confident I can manage the long haul..... Business class. Those years of airnz loyalty have paid off with something tangible at last.

Anyway, they are bringing out fresh food in the lounge and I would not want to miss out. But keep checking back. I am doubtless going to be sitting next to a celeb in business class and you would not want to miss the update.


Now in dorkland. Zero celebs. Which reminds me how some of my friends met Paris Hilton on their last holiday. Of course I saw Craig Parker when I went to Samoa so I am not without my own celbrity anecdotes.

Also, I am doing lots of stretches and am drinking beer- guaranteed to make me sleepy.

**update 2**

In hong kong. Best part of business class was that the stewards acted like they really cared for my welfare. They basically forced chocolate bars on me when they accidentally woke me up. If only my neighbour Sarah would do that everytime she plays lady gaga at three in the morning.

The downsides of business class are basically related to how it ended. Have to go back and sit with the paupers from here to heathrow. Also - apart from how I sort of got some sleep it wasn't actually enough.
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